Vida Creek Harbour, Dubai

Vida Creek Harbour, Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Taking its inspiration from the adjacent marina the new Vida Creek Harbour is an elegant yet relaxed property with the characteristic simplicity that defines the Vida brand. Designed by GAJ, the hotel pays tribute to its privileged location at the Vida Creek Harbour. Specific elements from Vida Downtown has been incorporated into the design to ensure a strong and consistent brand identity yet at the same time ensure the hotel maintained its own character and connection to its surroundings. Key design influences taken from the marina lifestyle borrowed details from the high-end yachts moored outside. Texture-rich textiles and soft leather are combined with sleek, curved wood with accent elements in brushed bronze. A simple light colour palette acts as the base for the key accent tones of the marina influenced turquoise hues. This base palette was layered with subtle taupe fabrics, leather furniture and oak throughout to create a clean and elegant feel. The strongest design elements in this project are symmetry and scale and a key feature of this space is the interaction between the lobby lounge and the exterior courtyard with tall windows that open fully to connect with the unparalleled views of the Dubai skyline. The large entrance and lobby lounge have been designed as an open and welcoming area for guests to spend time socialising, eating or working alone.

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