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The Villa, which is the owners’ primary residence, is organised according to the client’s specific living and display needs, indicated during the project phase. The main objective of the project has been to realise a house made for family intimacy; as a matter of fact, the client, a couple with three little children, does not often receive people at home, as they prefer to live their social life outside.
For this reason, the main floor, intended for the common areas of the villa, has been thought as a space where the separation in rooms is minimized, so as to favour life together. As a matter of fact, the living area is conceptually divided into two “areas”, one formal, one informal, not through walls, but only through the arrangement of furniture and the design of suspended ceilings. The dining area is positioned in a beautiful bow-window situated between the living area and the kitchen, from which it is separated through a system of sliding tinted glass panels, which leave visual communication between the two environments, giving the perception of a wider space and creating poetic reflections and trompe l’oeil with the chandeliers.

Besides hosting the areas intended for the family’s daily life such as the entrance, the living room, and the kitchen, the ground floor also comprises a guest room for the relatives who live in other towns; downstairs, a proper basement and an above-ground area host an office, a second guest room, the laundry with the technical and systems premises, and a hobby room for children. The master bedroom and the two children bedrooms are all situated on the first floor, reserved exclusively to the intimacy of the family members. An external pavilion situated on one above-ground floor at the side of the swimming pool is reserved to the guests, with a real guest house, equipped with a bedroom, a living area with a fireplace and a small, non-separated kitchen. An external path leads to the Spa and the wine cellar in the basement of the guest house. The pavilion hosting the guest house extends through a fascinating colonnade, where the entrance of the Art gallery, personally managed by a curator, is situated. However, the Gallery is not the only place of the villa devoted to the prestigious collection of the client, as many walls of the house are embellished by artworks for which a dedicated and accurate lighting has been studied. As a matter of fact, the project has been developed by drawing on the artworks and their surroundings, in order to enhance and fully enjoy their beauty. In general, the interior layout is extremely functional, with “light”, easy-to-rearrange furniture which may adapt to the family’s changing needs. Outside the villa, the swimming pool is the centre of attention, with its barbecue and leisure areas, rich in flowering and fruit trees cared for with extreme accuracy and passion, even by the owners in person.

The external area extends longitudinally with a 20% declining slope in its west part. For this reason, as the land gets steeper, it has been decided to increase the number of plants, in what seems to be an attempt to have the land returned to its natural state, creating a continuation with the wood of hornbeams and white poplars situated below. The most suggestive, and concomitantly imposing, natural element is represented by the centuries-old olive tree, planted, on the one hand, to be a monumental point of reference counter-balancing the presence of the guest house on the opposite side and, on the other hand, to establish a connection with the local territory: the olive tree is a highly symbolic plant in Albania (just as it is in Italy and throughout the Mediterranean area). The olive tree of the villa garden was originally situated a few hundred metres from the point where it has been replanted, and it is estimated to be 500 years old.

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