Wall House, Kuwait

10 Mar , 2019  

Wall House by AGi architects is the physical expression of a family’s life – a large shell protecting everyone that inhabits it. This shell embraces four patios, and it allows its inhabitants to enjoy infinite freedom internally, from the terraces to the most intimate rooms. A large lattice encloses a living room and creates a welcoming area on the ground level. The area also has a guest living room, which is surrounded by gardens and terraces. On this same level, the family shares their own private luminous oasis. A shared living room is extended to the terrace where, in the mild weather, friends and family can relax, chat, eat and socialise. Cantilevered terraces and gardens are protected by shade, just as in an oasis in the desert. The terraces are sheltered to protect inhabitants from the region’s strong sun, while vegetation and greenery are able to grow and climb freely on all different levels.



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