Yemeksepeti Park Headquarters, Istanbul

9 Jul , 2019  

Located in Istanbul’s business district of Levent, Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects collaborated with SPM Project Management to build this five storey high headquarter, where each floor has a colour theme based on the company logo.

Idle elevator shafts were turned into concentration rooms and connected to the floors via flying bridges, with each having a unique name. The design scheme is based on different department needs, and is a mix of colours and ideas with a variety of light installations.

The design team proposed an office that was as transparent as possible with multiple breakout and collaborative areas. Several workstations were set-up with various capsule shaped spaces serving as meeting rooms and director offices, with remaining areas adopting an open-office concept. Besides housing a cafe, library, fitness and social activity zone, hammocks and lounge furniture can also be seen across the office space.

Highlights of the office include a large loop table with multiple seatings, a multi-purpose open auditorium, a gaming zone and a large net area to relax and work.

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