YUG Restaurant, Odessa

Mayachniy pereulok 15, Odessa, Ukraine

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Designed and build by Boom Project the YUG Restaurant brings extreme attention to detail is what makes this project stand out. Restaurant is segmented in to four major areas open kitchen with atrium area, fireplace room, banquet hall, and Sea view terrace. Most of the furniture, lighting fixtures and chandeliers were designed specifically for this project. Each area has a unique design futures and mood in to it, nevertheless one could clearly see a conceptual bound that makes this project complete. Floor plans were designed as an open space with intuitive interconnected passages. Even though restaurant was designed with a distinctive stylistics as a whole, each space has its unique identity and features.

One could describe this design as Form follows function. Design as celebration of open space and volume. Balance of open space and zoning to create a unique mood of volumetric and yet an intimate space. In order to achieve this mood, we have put a lot effort in light design and light scene design. All natural choice of materials gave this space a finishing coat.

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19,990 sq-ft.



Completed On:

July, 2019

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