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Of Organic Staircases…

11 Dec , 2016  

Our breath was taken away with the fantastic detail and high level of craftsmanship of a tornado shaped, seemingly support-less staircase installed in a prominent business district tower and designed by architect Oded Halaf.


Love That Design - The Smile

ARTICLE: Features

Sustainable Smile

30 Nov , 2016  

This spectacular, curved, tubular timber structure measures 3.5m high, 4.5m wide and 34m long and is effectively a beam curving up at both ends. Showcasing the structural and spatial potential of cross-laminated American tulipwood and designed by Alison Brooks Architects the concept is the first ever ‘mega-tube’ made with construction-sized panels CLT. In a testament to sustainable design, ‘The Smile’ uses American Tulipwood in it’s CLT which is one of the most abundant American Hardwoods. As such natural forest growth replaces the tulipwood used to manufacture ‘The Smile’ in under five minutes!



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