How do you prepare for a changing Industry?

Find out how industry professionals & product designers race to innovate in uncertain times.

What is Design Collective?

While current conditions have had exhibitions re-model themselves, it was important to take this opportunity to create a sense of community. This includes sharing insights on the evolving industry, showcasing new products and materials and taking a hard look at wellness.

Design Collective is a collaboration of Love That Design’s industry partners, associations & global manufacturers bringing together a series of emerging designers, online tools, programming and events hosted on, created to virtually connect the design community.

June 29, June 30, July 1


Join us as we explore how the tactile world of Design & Construction makes the shift to a digital economy, amidst a changing world.


Products & Materials

Do we return to the cubicle? Will antimicrobial features be required on every specification? Is additive (3D) manufacturing making any headway in the factories of tomorrow?

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How does the Real Estate industry adapt to a lower demand? Does acoustics really matter with a lower density planning?

Design Collective Wellness


Are we finally taking Wellness seriously? Are we expected to see a rise in Well Certificatied Spaces?

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Product launches / Product spotlights / Editorial Features / Panels / Virtual Events

Design Collective June 30th
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