Clerkenwell Design Week 2024: Highlights from London

We attended Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 in London, and even the pouring rains could not contain our spirit. Venturing through the cobbled streets and historic buildings, we embarked on a journey to discover what our favourite brands were up to, and we weren’t disappointed.

If we were to remain brief, we would say that sustainability is definitely a common denominator amongst them all. But there are always nuances and USPs that differentiate one brand from another. And then again, there are trends – a term most designers detest, yet ultimately succumb to if a client demands or it coincides with their opinions and tastes.

If you weren’t there, treat our showcase like a lookbook to browse through the latest products and developments. If you were there, refresh your memory and catch up on what you might have missed….

Brand Showcase: What was New at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024?

Andreu World

Circularity Cohort

Andreu World opened their showroom in London to host the Circular Design Panel featuring experts from MCM, Moser & Associates, BDG Architecture + Design and Patricia Urquiola. They also addressed their Circular Design Challenge, which calls design students worldover to participate in making products more sustainable.


Environment as Inspiration & Aspiration

Interface’s new “all-in” carbon strategy was one of the highlights at their London showroom. A launch preview of their upcoming carpet tile and LVT collections, Etched & Threaded and Earthen Forms had quite a few visitors intrigued. Arranged in mood-board style, the set-up definitely brought out the potential of the ranges.


‘Design for Disassembly’

Teknion showcased Modus’ newly launched Balance collection (including Balance Lite, Balance High and new Lounge bases). In addition, the brand duo turned advocates for ‘Design for Disassembly’ in collaboration with Women in Office Design (WOD) to spotlight benefits like minimising environmental footprint. LUUM’s Suzanne Tick was back with engaging weaving workshops that were sold out before we could say, ‘We’re in’.


Colours & Arches

Bisley brought colours and arches to Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 – literally. Alongside launching three new colours for their trustworthy and robust storage systems, they also introduced Arches – a collection of mobile desks, canopies and whiteboards. The brand is embracing flexibility, which was further underscored by a panel talk between ROAR’s Pallavi Dean and Bisley’s Jeanine Goddard during a panel talk.

Psst..did you know Bisley is also brewing a home collection?


The Future is Now

At Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, modulyss embodied a future-focused cohort. From panel talks about green buildings to inviting guests well-versed in VR and AI, the brand truly went all out in showing their futuristic approach. Another noteworthy feature were their hands-on moodboard and custom carpet making workshops that brought visitors closer to their high quality materials.

Boss Design

New, Novel and Exciting

Boss Design presented a slew of their new products at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. For instance, from their Pod collection there was Eden. They also presented the Remi lounge chair that blends an exquisite form with materials that are considerate of the environment. Other products like Mori Credenzas, Deploy table, and Frida Lounge & Work Booths, were also showcased.


New Avatar, New Outlook

Interstuhl flaunted a new showroom concept during Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. Thoughtfully layered with carpets, lighting and acoustic panels, the showroom was bedecked in colours and light foliage to to invoke an inviting ambiance. Interstuhl will very soon launch the BLCK series that re-launches some of their most loved chairs in higher quality materials.


Let there be light and no visible bolts

Brunner’s daylight infused showroom is always a treat to visit. The exposed brick walls and roomy corners make for a cosy vibe that is difficult to beat. At the space, Brunner also officially released the Ray Work chair that exemplifies the ‘clean aesthetic’. The no-bolts exterior and super sleek frame make it a hard-to-miss pick amongst market task chairs.  


ECo2 – Conscious

Arper’s latest Catifa Carta, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina was the star at their showroom. Crafted from PaperShell, an innovative material derived from composite wood leftovers, Catifa Chair minimises the environmental footprint by capturing carbon dioxide. When the product reaches the end of its lifecycle, the material can be transformed into biochar, effectively preserving the CO2 stored during earlier phases of its existence. Arper’s signature party further enthused visitors as they mingled while interacting with their products.


Wood and Tech

Orangebox and Logitech brought Project Ghost to Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 as a step towards revolutionising video conferencing. Thanks to equipment housed inside a booth, a hyper-realistic simulation of the caller appears on screen, giving the impression that digital eye contact is genuine. Orangebox also introduced Recur, a new task chair that is lightweight and features a sinuous curve. Another release was the Orangebox and Ercol collaboration of seven furniture pieces manufactured in Britain from European FSC™ timber.⁠


Freedom Celebration

With Clerkenwell Design Week in 2024, Humanscale celebrated all of their exciting accomplishments. The iconic Freedom Chair has completed 25 years since its first market release, and Humanscale took this opportunity to give guests a first look at their upcoming Freedom Ocean chair. To take it up a notch, a limited version of the well-known Freedom Headrest, called Freedom 25, was also displayed.


Full POINTS to Bene

During Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, Bene presented POINTS by Pearson Lloyd, that can help office employees utilise the same area in many ways. It is a free-standing, modular system that adapts well to changing requirements. After moving, POINTS are readily disassembled and repurposed in another building. Aesthetics can also be changed, including slats, veneers, fabric infills, and more.

VitrA Bathrooms

Re-Ceramic Refreshed

For Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, VitrA Bathrooms showcased version 2.0 of “Re-Ceramic” installation. Products from Tom Dixon’s Liquid collection and their fully recycled washbasin series (M-Line) were displayed on a stand. New tile collections and faucets further enhanced the showroom.

Mosa Tiles

Colours, Textures, Tiles & Sustainability

Mosa Tiles’ displayed their sustainable ranges, Core Collection, Global Collection, Colors and Classics Tide at Material Plans’ showroom. From colourful to double glazed, the tiles left an impression on onlookers. The brand also had Q&A sessions with 540 world and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute where they explored cradle to cradle products, specifically tiles and their sustainable contribution to diverse architectural projects.

Atlas Concorde

Marble Makeover

The handmade effect collection Boost Natural Pro, created by Matteo Brioni and Marvel 3D, was unveiled by Atlas Concorde. It gives the marble effect a material quality. Negresco is a porcelain stoneware slab that is ideal for kitchen settings. Atlas Plan, a brand that specialises in huge slabs, had a separate section for this product. The new washbasin from Atlas Concorde Habitat, Evoluzione, which was created in partnership with Studio Armando Ferriani, was also on display in the store.


Three New Ways to Corporate Privacy

Three new products from Hushoffice were unveiled: the hushFree line of acoustic pods, which has the highest class A acoustic rating; the redesigned hushWall space divider, which has been updated to follow biophilic design principles; and the hushSpot coworking table, which can be used as a hot-desking station, a multipurpose collaboration hub, or a place for team meetings. At the same time, biophilia and how surrounding sound affects was an overarching theme at the showroom.


Closing the Loop with Contours

Senator presented Platform X during Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 – a space where creativity and collaboration could be brought about unbridled. Their new Contour task chair designed by Pearson was a significant part of their event. The chair is made in compliance with the principles of circular economy, which dictate that every material used in its production should be recyclable and should not end up in a landfill.


Parametric Outdoors

At Dynamobel’s showroom, iSiMAR showcased the TOPOS Collection, created by Zaha Hadid Architects. These outdoor pieces pay tribute to the creativity of Zaha Hadid, adhering to the archetypal parametric form for which she was renowned. The TOPOS Collection makes a unique statement on outdoor furniture, breaking free from its usual staid forms.

Object Carpet

The Sustainable Infinity

Object Carpet took part in Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 with the Vepa UK. The partnership was forged due to shared vision and values of sustainability. At the latter’s showroom, Object Carpet where we showcased the Ne∞ collection that is fully recyclable after each use cycle.


The Tom Dixon Allure

The Kvadrat Acoustics showroom collaborated with Tom Dixon Studio for Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. The latter’s newest products like the FAT Work Chair, and SLAB Lounge Chair & Ottoman were all upholstered in luxe (and environmentally-conscious) fabrics from Kvadrat.

Fritz Hansen

The Danish Oomph

Danish cooking and inclusivity were hit topics at the Fritz Hansen showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. Besides, new products – the sleek Little Friend, the eclectic Pluralis table, the sumptuous Plenum Cabin, and Tradition were introduced.


Mediterranean Muse

Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 saw MIDJ strengthening their portfolio with the most fun forms. Paola Vernier’s nearly trapezoidal Tosca seats and stools made an appearance with Paola Navone’s conical Plissé table and Roberto Paoli’s Amelie seats.


The Temptation Office

Sedus’ approach to their showcase was refreshing as it was endearing. Instead of putting up a special exhibit, Sedus displayed their space as used by 14 employees working there. Titled, ‘Work and the City – the Temptation Office’ the showroom also housed their newest products like light-weight se:living sofa, the contemporary se:flair swivel chair and the cosy se:lounge light chair.

Forbo Flooring

Linoleum X Cocoa

The independent linoleum flooring brand Marmoleum from Forbo Flooring is composed of 61% quickly recoverable raw materials and 97% natural raw materials. At Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, Forbo Flooring introduced its recently updated Cocoa range under Marmoleum. This product’s granular, subdued, yet powerful appearance is a testament to modern aesthetics.


Craft, Nature and Carpets

Only a week ago, Milliken’s London showroom achieved the WELL Platinum Certificate. During Clerkenwell Design 2024, the brand celebrated their new collections, Painted Garden and Tracing Landscapes, with a nature inspired pottery workshop. These activities allowed guests to unfurl their creativity while truly immersing themselves in the theme of the new launches.

Ege Carpets

Weaving Connections

Ege Carpets’ focus at the show was the SHE Collection, which can be best described as an embodiment of expressionism. The collection features a total of six patterns, all made by hand. Ege Carpets in collaboration with forpeople organised a weaving workshop that brought visitors closer to the weaving process, invoking in them a new-found fascination and appreciation for carpets.

Ideal Standard

Award and Stare-worthy

Ideal Standard’s La Dolce Vita, Solos and Alu+ collections have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2024. Previewed at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, the Solos collection features a unique integration of basin and fitting, along with a range of showering solutions. The brand celebrated the launch of their La Dolce Vita collection that fuses sharp lines with nature-inspired forms, like wash basins that appear to be ‘blooming’.

TRUE Design

Minimal Design, Maximum Attention

Two of TRUE Design‘s most recent collections were exhibited during Clerkenwell Design Week 2024. One is the Essens family of wooden furniture, which sports a creative interlocking mechanism, created by Norm Architects. There was also the Lisa chair, with a unique form. The stylish solid wood Tod stool and coffee table by Parisotto+Formenton Architetti and the Fender Lounge Chair also garnered attention from visitors at the Umbrella showroom.


A Collaborated Effort

Wilkhahn collaborated with Occhio, Soundtect Ltd and Zona to give their London showroom a facelift. Their Intra task chair along with other popular products from the brand made for a compelling showroom narrative.

Shaw Contract

Something is Cooking

During Clerkenwell Design Week 2024, Shaw Contract remained tight-lipped about their future releases or initiatives. Their showroom was open to visitors, although sizable posters on the display windows stated, ‘Being Carbon Neutral is Not Enough.’ Now, the only thing left is wait until NeoCon for the big reveal.

Trends at Clerkenwell Design Week 2024?

1. Accent Colours are Back

The dominance of muted colours is wearing off, only to be replaced by bolder hues. This change could be attributed to ‘colour psychology’ studies, a demand for more attractive interiors to bring employees back to the office or simply because monotones became…well, monotonous. Though, we do not see maximalism-level vibrance seep in. The skill required today is balanced loved-neutrals with a fun pop of colour.

Featured: Spacestor, Flok, Frovi, esPattio, JDD

2. Task Chairs have Successfully transitioned from Adjustable to Intuitive

Well-being in offices has all the eyes currently, and task chairs are products that most employees use the most. These chairs need to be robust and show impressive longevity, but the new-age requirement now is ‘response-based.’ Most newly launched task chairs are featuring mechanisms that consider a user’s weight to counterbalance comfort.

3. Sustainability: The Horizon of Fully ‘Recyclable’ Products

It’s official; sustainability is now on everybody’s mind. Most brands and products seem to concentrate on sourcing materials responsibly or using ~100% recycled materials. Now, the tides are changing – from fully recyclable, we are moving towards ‘fully recyclable’, which signals a bright future should all brands take to this path.

Featured: Camira (Camira is replacing the PET raw material with recycled fabric to Close the Loop); Flok

4. Thought Leadership, Conversations and  Workshops

Networking comes in many shapes and forms, and lately the channel of interactive talks and workshops seem to be gaining momentum. The idea of experiential learning over auditory is welcome, and seemingly more productive. Relationship building is an important part of all professional circuits and such activities are a wonderful icebreaker.

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