Our story...

In case it isn’t obvious yet, we simply love Design in all its glorious forms and functions. Even before we set about creating our platform, there was one thing we knew for sure – there are more like us. The only difference is we all have a different understanding of what great design is which often leads to wide ranging opinions and expectations.

We set about doing what we do best

Using the combined awesomeness of our industry knowledge and digital capabilities, we set about creating a platform that would showcase the best of what the region’s Architecture+Design community has to offer.

From large commercial projects, to home-grown designs, we strive to bring you relevant information on those who help bring these works of art to life. Design consultants, project managers, contractors, manufacturers, photographers and products – we want to make sure you know who’s worked behind the scenes.

And we don’t intend to stop at pictures!

This is just the first step of many that would create the roadmap towards engaging the design community and lead potential customers to understand the strength and execution capabilities of the resources involved.

For design aficionados who seek a deeper understanding of the industry and how it affects our lives, we work hard to frequently publish knowledge-based content that aims to educate and enlighten anyone from the emerging to the seasoned professional.

Next steps...

If you would like to get in touch to either showcase your project, company, products or share your feedback about our platform, please contact us here!