About Love That Design

Love That Design is a global interior design platform that showcases the best of what the Design and Construction community has to offer. From large commercial projects, to home-grown designs, we  have curated an up to date data repository on those who help bring these works of art to life.  From design consultants, project managers, contractors, manufacturers, photographers and products – we want to make sure you know who’s worked behind the scenes and what they have used.

Today Clients and Designers use Love That Design to discover the benchmark for design in their region and to find design-led products and materials to use on their projects, and shortlist partners to work with.

For design aficionados who seek a deeper understanding of the industry and how it affects our lives we publish knowledge-based content that educates and enlightens anyone from the emerging to the seasoned professional. Take a look at our latest research report Design 2021: Insights to envision the future of Interior Design

Earlier in 2020, we launched the .STUDIO SaaS platform that allows designers to manage both their sales and projects operations as well as providing a collaborative specification creation platform.

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Love That Design & .STUDIO are brought to you by 28 LIGHTBULBS – a technology startup serving the interior design & construction industry that identifies gaps that exist for design & construction stakeholders and use technology to bridge them.