LTD Talks: Water A Precious Resource – A Panel by WiN

In this WiN webinar, curated in collaboration with Shaw Contract, we discuss a topic so very important to our very being and existence – the sustenance and availability of clean water.


Clean water is a basic human right. It is a necessity second only to air. Every being on this planet should have access to it, and Communities, Nations, and Governing Bodies should work as one unanimous engine towards making this happen – in fact, this should be their top priority.

Just think of a life without clean, and running water… we can’t. It’s unthinkable. And this is why we need to understand how precious a resource it is. So how do we get cleverer about its usage?

In this WiN webinar, a handful of key decision makers from the fields of wellness, sustainability, governance, and our regional A+D industry who are veterans in their field, impart wisdom on the many ways A&D in particular can further the cause of the sustenance and availability of clean water. Shaw Contract have graciously hosted and championed this wonderful initiative for more than two decades with their passionate Cradle to Cradle philosophy. On World Water Day, we hope that collectively, we can create significant momentum to further this cause in the MEA region.

Here are our panelists…

The Experts

Above from Left: Rodolfo Perez, Director of Standard Development at IWBI; Katherine Bruce, Senior Consultant, Corporate Sustainability Advisory at WSP; Hilda Impey, Design Director, Principal at Wilson Associates; Sultan Abdulla Al Zaabi, Senior Manager, Demand Management and Tariff at DEWA

Part 1: Water is a precious resource, one not to be squandered

Part 2: DEWA’s active steps towards water conservation and sensible usage

Part 3: How can we conserve water in our built environment

Part 4: The IWBI’s new WELL V2 Building Standard Delivers more thoughtful approaches to water

Part 5: Let’s avoid creating thirsty cities

Part 6: The Maintenance and cleanliness of water infrastructure is key

Part 7: A few basic water conservation principles to follow

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