Meet the Team at Kreon

Kreon lighting products are efficient first and enticing second – thanks to their no-nonsense design and up-to-date technology. To get more on Kreon’s ethos and the drive of the brand, we spoke to a few of the leaders from team Kreon and they unveiled their formula, plans in the Middle East and more!

Location: Ideal Standard Design & Specification Center, Dubai

When one thinks about ‘designer’ light, the first image that comes to mind is that of grand chandeliers and avant-garde lamp posts. However, luxe lighting is more than that – and Kreon is just the brand that epitomises it. At Kreon, lighting aims to be one with the architecture, and its biggest function is to impart the proper illumination, not to grab attention. Kreon products’ clean, minimal design and focus on functional details make the light and how it interacts with the space the hero. 

Perhaps that is why it has been specified in the Clarke Hopkins Clarke Architects Studio in Melbourne or, more recently, by Roberto Palomba in Ideal Standard’s Design & Specification Center in Dubai. Clearly, Kreon understands the needs and wants of architects and designers. 

The Mantra at Kreon

Consistent, Evergreen Design & Constantly Evolving Technology

“Kreon is a brand focused on design, innovation and technology. Our design language is extremely coherent and has been coherent for the past 40 years. Whatever we have ever designed still looks the same today, but with a solid development in innovation and technology,” says Marnix Schrooyen, Global Sales Director at Kreon, of the brand’s approach to development.

He further reveals, “To remain pioneers in lighting technology, we continue to invest in new light technology, optics, techniques and mechanisms to satisfy the expectations of interior designers, architects and light designers.”

Sacha Benadon, Sales Manager France at Kreon, sees the brand’s consistent design as a USP. After all, a significant aspect of sustainability is reducing production and maximising performance. “The strength of Kreon is the timeless design of the fixtures. For a designer, it’s important that the lighting fixtures design doesn’t become obsolete after a few years, like the building itself. We must be sustainable in the years to come,” Sacha avers.

Diligence that saves the day

The pandemic was a trying time for businesses, especially the ones that span international borders. Logistics and operations saw a tip over, and the unprecedented times came with unheard-of hurdles that no one was equipped to handle.

Ketan Tandon, Regional Manager, Middle East, Kreon, stated what it was like for the regional team and how they overcame it. “During the pandemic, there was a shortage of electronic chips in various industries, including lighting. Fortunately, since we have a practice of storing surplus stock and also have a small manufacturing unit where we manufacture these goods in Europe from the initial stages to the final products, we were able to deliver our promises to the customers in the Middle Eastern region effectively,” says Ketan.

Yet, Kreon faced the team coordination and communication blocks like the rest. Ketan elaborates, “The biggest challenge we faced within the company was that we were unable to meet each other. At such a time, boosting the morale among teammates was crucial. Luckily, that was temporary, and we can meet our colleagues and work even more efficiently today.”

“We are pushing our boundaries, and we want to expand in the Middle Eastern region. We want to strengthen the relationships we have built over the years – not only when it comes to presence but also products. The wonderfully designed Ideal Standard Showroom in Citywalk on Happiness Street reflects our strong belief in personal collaboration and forging good professional relationships.”

– Marnix Schrooyen, Global Sales Director, Kreon

Kreon in the Middle East

As an international brand, Kreon understands its imperative to have different approaches and specialised strategies for the regions. To Kreon, the Middle East is an important market, and since the 20-plus years they have been here, the brand has caught onto the crisp pace of the market here.

Sacha says, “We need to be proactive in this market because things go faster in the Middle East than in Europe. In Europe, people are more comfortable with things they know; they are more conservative in their specifications. Whereas, in the Middle East, people want to try new things.”

To which, Marnix adds, “We are pushing our boundaries, and we want to expand in the region. We want to strengthen the relationships we have built over the years – not only when it comes to presence but also products. The wonderfully designed Ideal Standard Showroom in Citywalk on Happiness Street reflects our strong belief in personal collaboration and forging good professional relationships. That’s why we thought it would be apt to show the Middle Eastern audience our faces from here.”

What’s cooking at Kreon?

With a beaming smile and animated glint, Marnix reveals, “We are very proud to have products like Inti in our portfolio. It is a downlight with a function that nobody else can offer in the market. We’re very, very excited to share that with the design community in Dubai and the whole region.” 

Sacha, too, goes on to speak about another ace under Kreon’s sleeve, “We have recently arrived with a solution that we had only shown in Europe to begin with. After receiving positive feedback from there, we are now supplying the Vektron ceiling raft worldover. Vektron is a range of technical ceiling systems dedicated to office projects in which we integrate a few technologies like lighting, acoustics solutions and audio in a single surface. Currently, we are eagerly looking forward to releasing Vektron illi, which will further eliminate luminary issues in the workplace.” 

Team Trivia

Marnix Schrooyen, Global Sales Director

Favourite holiday destination – Italy

Your top ‘green’ habit – Cycling the kids to school every day rather than taking the car.

Favourite hobby/sport – Mountain running. Boating on Lago Maggiore.

Your hero/heroine – My friend Erik. He spent 30 years of his life paralyzed in a wheelchair without ever losing his smiles, optimism and lust for life. A wonderful personality, that I would wish many more people had known. He passed away a few weeks ago.

Sacha Benadon, Sales Manager, France

Favourite holiday destination –  Any destination where I can disconnect myself from the world, I love hiking in the mountains, looking at the beauty of the wild.

Your top ‘green’ habit – Using the bicycle as much as I can or the public transport to avoid using my car.

Favourite hobby/sport – Going to climb after work with friends. Always a good moment to relax from the day and share time with friends.

Your hero/heroine – Batman, because he has no superpowers and despite that he does not hesitate to fight for his convictions.

Ketan Tandon, Regional Manager, Middle East

Favourite holiday destination – Taj Maddikeri, Coorg. It’s located in the midst of a forest.

Your top ‘green’ habit – Avoiding use of plastic in personal and professional life.

Favourite hobby/sport – I really enjoy listening to music and reading, and find playing cricket refreshing.

Your hero/heroine – I am a die-hard action fan. I admire Jason Statham and I am an overall fan of the Marvel franchise.

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4 May, 2023

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