• Launched date
  • 01st June 2023
  • Gas lift elevation
  • 3 Stages levelers - h= 70 to 120 cm castors
    h= 72,5 to 125,5 cm

New lifting system
The table for the most demanding work or training spaces. Its mechanical lifting, as it does not require connections, and its version with casters, give it total freedom of movement.

Mobility program improves the working life of professionals from all walks of life. Designers, architects, creators or lawyers benefit from a healthier working style by alternating periods of sitting down and standing up to create new working dynamics.

Mobility Air : Its ergonomic push button and its gas-balanced lifting system offer an experience oriented to the user’s wellbeing, while also increasing the possibilities of the work space, thanks
to the possibility of incorporating accessories such as skirts or dividers.

Gas lift with no need for connections.

Ideal for :
High mobility offices
Hot desking
Agile Spaces

Resources for Designers

  • Models: