Create an architectural feature
Conceived by London based creative agency Fourmation, Vault is a culmination of their experience of designing interior spaces and addresses the need for a flexible lighting system. The system creates an architectural feature, complimenting any interior space.

Material & design
The simplicity of the LED light profile and four way connection block allows you to build any configuration from straight lines to graphic patterns. Features
There are three different kinds of blocks, delivered with wall brackets.
Power block – Delivered with external driver.
Link block – Enables electrical through wiring.
Block – Only for mechanical connection. Powering
The light bars are instantly powered when placed inbetween the blocks. From each Power block up to four light bars can be connected horizontally. Each Power block can power 6,2m light bar. Light distribution
Profile can be mounted in two directions, main direction of the light can be up and down or to the sides. The diffuser in opal acrylic glass creates a soft and even light. Acoustic tile
Vault can be installed with acoustic tile for an attractive lit effect and better acoustic environment. This is what it looks like from the front. Driverbox
A driverbox is available for installation with external drivers. Vault is a flexible product suitable as general lighting in public spaces such as offices, stores, restaurants and museums. Light & technical
Profile in extruded aluminium. Diffuser in opal acrylic glass. Block in die-cast solid metal. Wall bracket in aluminium.

Vault single and system luminaires consist of two different type of components: blocks (wall mounted connection units) and light bars (light elements). From each Power block up to four Light bars can be connected horizontally, one light bar per side. Each Power block can power 6,2 m light bar. Wall bracket is mounted with two screws. Cable entry possible from the back and to the sides. For installation in more exposed environments a security brackets is available as an accessory for extra fixation of the light bar.
Every Power block is delivered with 1,8 m white cable 5G0,75mm2 . A driver box is available as an accessory for surface mounted installation.

Opal acrylic glass.

Light scattering
Symmetrical omnidirectional. Profile can be mounted in two directions, main direction of the light can be up and down or to the sides.

Equipped with 24V DALI driver from Tridonic. Light regulation 1-100% Life span: 50 000hrs.
There are three different kind of blocks that are all delivered with a wall bracket. Power block: is delivered with an external driver. Link block: enables electrical through wiring. Block: only mechanical connection.

Light bars
There are two different kind of light bars.
Light bar: enables electrical through wiring.
Light bar End: only mechanical connection on one side.

Vault acoustic
When configuring square systems of Vault 1144 mm light bars, there is the option to add acoustic tiles. The acoustic tile is placed behind the light bars that must be installed with the lights to the sides. The tile is fixed and held in place by a white lacquered cover plate or clips, depending on how many adjoining tiles are used in the application, and is resting on discharge brackets. See “Ordering manual” for more information. Cover plate, clips, discharge brackets and acoustic tiles are available as accessories.

Resources for Designers

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