• Launched date
  • 01st June 2023
  • Height
  • 755mm (29.75\\\\\\\")
  • Width
  • 500mm (19.75\\\\\\\") 590mm (23.25\\\\\\\") (Int. Arm)
    750mm (29.5\\\\\\\") (Ext. Arm)
  • Depth
  • 540mm (21.25\\\\\\\") (Seat)
  • Weight
  • 15.8kg

Light and contemporary in its look and feel, the new Katō armchair is a signature piece from Boss Design, showcasing the company’s specialism in exquisitely crafted timber furniture ideal for commercial, hospitality and residential spaces.

With luxurious wood grain textures on show, Katō may have hints of Japanese and mid-century modern inspiration, but it conveys a sense of timeless elegance. Contoured surfaces, organic lines with an absence of hard edges give Katō a tranquil quality, augmented by the considered comfort of its upholstery.


Traditional woodworking skills and cutting-edge timber shaping technology have been applied side-by-side to achieve Katō’s expertly crafted frame. Each joint is seamlessly finished with the support rails branching from the leg posts like limbs from a tree. Available in oak or walnut and stained to our standard colours, Katō can be specified to harmonise and complement any space.


Defined by its gentle organic lines, considered proportions and light aesthetic, Katō is built to last and has been designed for timeless appeal. Its soft form transcends informal meeting, hospitality and domestic settings and with its comfortable upholstery and broad, tactile armrest, sitting in Katō is a sensory experience.

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