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  • Height
  • 222 cm
  • Width
  • 220 cm
  • Depth
  • 120 cm
  • Type
  • Closed
  • Seat Capacity
  • 2-seater
  • Casters
  • No
  • Power Module
  • Yes
  • Display Mounting
  • No
  • Lighting
  • Yes
  • Table
  • Yes
  • Ventilation System
  • Yes
  • World-class soundproofing
    Automatic ventilation
    Exceptional acoustics

Framery Q – The soundproof meeting pod for 1-4 people

Framery Q office pod is a multifunctional, soundproof space for 1–4 people. This pod is ideal for meetings, brainstorming sessions, and important one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the office – or the office disturbing you. The pod’s award-winning design takes a minimum amount of floorspace, fitting seamlessly into your office.

With a speech level reduction of 29dB, Framery Q limits the amount of noise penetrating the pod from both directions. The air in Framery Q stays fresh with a total airflow over 66 l/s – and the air is circulated before, during, and after the pod is used. Effective sound absorption inside the pod means that users meet and speak together in an echo-free environment.

Framery Q comes in two arrangements: Framery Q Meeting Maggie including two sofas and the fully wheelchair accessible Framery Q Flip n’ Fold. Both layouts are available in a range of exterior colors.

Resources for Designers

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