Framery Q


About the Product

Framery Q is a perfect place for people to have meetings, brainstorming sessions and important one-on-one conversations in private without disturbing the whole office – or the office disturbing you – Your teamwork is about to get better!

Framery Q Flow
The Framery Q Flow is designed for uninterrupted heads-down work you need to fully concentrate on. The electrically adjustable allows you to change work positions in a matter of seconds.

Working With PAL
A high table and handy bar stools make this decor option very efficient for short-term sessions. The shape of the desk is suitable for the teamwork of two, private sessions or video conferences. Working with PAL comes with pleasant LED lighting, three power sockets and stylish coat hangers.

Meeting Maggie
Meeting Maggie is suitable for meetings, brainstorming and much more. Choose from three different table options – two Maggie Sofas are always included. Meeting Maggie comes with pleasant LED lighting and three power sockets.

Flip n’ Fold
Flip n’ Fold is one of the more convenient and flexible interior alternatives for the Framery Q. Low doorstep, a wider door with an automatic opener, folding chairs and table enable many different meeting arrangements and easy access with a wheelchair.


Framery Q



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