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The Geberit iCon complete bathroom series features a sharp design and clean lines while still being flexible enough for use in a wide range of applications. An extensive range of ceramic appliances and bathroom furniture units in a modern design language offers maximum design flexibility and is extremely adaptable. For people of many tastes.

The Geberit iCon bathroom series is being supplemented with a new wall-hung WC and a compact floor-standing WC with optimised Rimfree technology. The WCs are complemented by a wall-hung bidet and a floor-standing bidet in a new, sleek look and with added sitting comfort.

Functionally supplemented and improved: the new Rimfree WC ceramic appliance of the Geberit iCon bathroom series feature new functions and optimised Rimfree technology.

Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs and bidets

Rimless bliss

  • A newly-developed flush guide made of recycled plastic ensures clean flushing in the new Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs. Further innovations facilitate the removal of the WC seat and the quick and secure installation of WCs and bidets on walls.
  • No flush rim means no hidden dirt. Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs are completely rimless, meaning they can be cleaned in the blink of an eye.
  • In order for everything to be reliably and hygienically flushed, Geberit has used a flush guide made of ABS regranulate, a recycled plastic, in the new Geberit iCon Rimfree WC.
  • Type EFF3 significantly alleviates the burden on sanitary professionals. The new Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs and bidets are mounted quickly and securely on walls with type EFF3 (Easy Fast Fix) fastening technology.
  • As quickly as the WC seats can be mounted with QuickRelease, they are just as quickly removed again for cleaning. The new Geberit iCon Rimfree WC and bidet ceramic appliances thus shine even brighter.


No flush rim, improved cleanliness

  • Dirt hiding under the flush rim is now a thing of the past with the Rimfree WCs of the Geberit iCon bathroom series. Since dirt is easily accessible and there is no rim, groove or gap to interfere with the seamless cleaning of the ceramic, Geberit Rimfree ceramic appliances are cleaned swiftly. At the same time, the optimised flushing system guarantees particularly thorough flushing.
  • In the absence of a flush rim, the Rimfree WCs of the Geberit iCon bathroom series can be cleaned easily and conveniently.


New design, new hydraulics: the function is what makes the difference

  • The new Rimfree WCs of the Geberit iCon bathroom series (in 2022, a wall-hung and a floor-standing WC will complement the Rimfree wall-hung WC, which is currently available in our portfolio) combines Geberit’s know-how in plastics processing, ceramic appliances and flow engineering. A new inner geometry of the WC ceramic appliance and a new flush guide optimise the hydraulics of the WCs. The new flush guide precisely controls the water flowing from the cistern into the WC, ensuring powerful cleaning inside the WC. The flush guide made of recycled plastic, namely an ABS regranulate, is now connected directly to the inlet. In this way, it directs the water into the WC pan without coming into contact with the ceramic appliance. As the production process of the WC ceramic appliance involves the ceramic shrinking in the kiln while it is still moist, the inner ceramic and water guide vary with each WC. The water supply through the plastic pipe and the new flush guide compensate the tolerances that are common in ceramic production, as the water flow does not come into contact with the ceramic appliance until it enters the WC pan.
  • The Geberit cistern, the ceramic design and the flush guide precisely mounted in the ceramic appliance thus ensure consistently optimal flushing. In addition, the ceramic outlets of the new Geberit iCon WCs and bidets extend to the wall to allow the standard PE connection piece to be used for connection to the discharge pipe.
  • Geberit know-how in terms of plastics, ceramic appliances and flow engineering comes together perfectly in the new Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs. The outcome is excellent flushing performance.
  • Geberit cisterns, flush guides and ceramic appliances are perfectly harmonised with each other. As a result, the new Geberit iCon Rimfree WCs feature very high flushing performance.
  • No tolerance for tolerances – by virtue of the new flush guide made of plastic, the unevenness usually experienced in WC ceramic appliances is no longer an issue.


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