The Geberit Silent-PP drainage plug-in system is ideal for the rapid, economical and sound-optimised installation of drainage systems.

Geberit Silent-PP applications

  • Building drainage
  • Conventional roof drainage system (with retaining claw)
  • Central vacuum cleaner

Versatile drainage system for economical installations

  • Pipe dimensions from DN 32 to DN 160
  • Wide assortment of Geberit fittings and special fittings

Available dimensions: d32; d40; d50; d75; d90; d110; d125; d160
Building drainage: Yes
Conventional inner roof drainage system With Geberit retaining claw for heights up to 20 m
Material : PP-MD
Coefficient of linear expansion:  0.08 mm/(m K)
Absorption of linear expansion Takes place inside the ring seal socket and does not require any additional measures
Installation temperature : -10 °C to 40 °C
Permanent load application temperature:  -10 °C to 90 °C
Chemical resistance : Standard household chemicals


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