Allure Brilliant Icon 3D

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Model: Allure Brilliant Icon 3D 3-hole deck-mounted basin mixer

SKU: 20603SD0

The GROHE Allure Brilliant 3D basin mixer in pure stainless steel – cutting-edge technology meets exceptional craftsmanship. With a crisp, faceted shape that exudes architectural appeal, the GROHE Allure Brilliant three-hole deck-mounted basin mixer creates a sophisticated style statement.

With the reinterpretation of the Atrio and Allure Brilliant lines by incorporating the Icon 3D design, GROHE takes product design and the joy of water to a whole new level. Paul Flowers, Chief Design Officer LIXIL, emphasizes: “Every innovation always starts with a bold vision. To re-think what is possible is for us only a question of perspective. With GROHE Icon 3D, we are entering the future of product design as we are now able to create designs that at first appear impossible. By embracing the still-emerging technology of 3D metal-printing, we are pushing the boundaries of design and truly shape the future of water.”

Thomas Fuhr, Executive Director Operations GROHE AG, adds: “In order to be a pioneer in the industry and to further expand our technology leadership, we invest heavily not only in research and development, but also in innovative manufacturing processes in our plants. With 3D metal-printing, we are ringing in a new era in production which is made in GROHE’s 3D metal-printing process makes virtually any geometry possible and invites you to rediscover materiality: By reducing the shapes to their essentials, the stainless steel used as a raw and at the same time highly shapeable material also comes to the fore in the final product. The reduction of the design to an absolute minimum and the emphasis on the pure essence of the shapes not only saves valuable resources, but also offers a new interactive experience of water. The ultra-thin spout of the GROHE Atrio Icon 3D and the hollow interior of GROHE Allure Brilliant Icon 3D in the familiar silhouette make the water flow look like a magical, optical illusion. The faucets of the two lines thus become an aesthetic highlight in a brushed steel finish.

Cutting-edge Digital Technology Meets Craftsmanship, Creating Unique Products Icon 3D combines state-of-the-art digital technology with hand-crafted, proven GROHE quality. The components are produced by printing metal, using a powder bed laser melting process. Each component for the faucet consists of approximately 4,700 layers that are each 0.06 millimetres thick, providing it with forging strength. After printing, the component is mechanically treated on a CNC milling machine, followed by a manual grinding and fine brushing procedure as the last step of the finish. The elaborate process defines the exclusivity of the Icon 3D series: Each product is unique; the edition of the collection is limited to a few pieces per year. GROHE Icon 3D is available on request as an exclusive piece for the bathroom.