• Launched date
  • 03rd June 2023
  • Environmental Attributes
  • NaughtOne is FISP and ISO14001 certified
    FSC® certified products available upon request (FSC® C134222)
    22 kg total weight
    89.9% Recyclable

Designed by Lucy Kurrein, the Pippin Chair is a welcome addition to the world of flexible furniture, combining comfort, style, mobility and a strong sustainability agenda.

Designed for longevity, this lounge chair is primed for play. It comes with a sophisticated cover that can be removed and changed with ease, while offering tailoring that’s a cut above the traditional removable cover. Zip the fabric on and off when necessary, or when it feels good to change it up with a different fabric.

It’s clearly made to last, and yet Pippin is also built for the circular economy. Its inner casing is free from glues, and can be completely disassembled when the time comes.

Soft-edged, solid and creating a sense of cupped support, this is a low-slung chair invites users to stay for a while, bringing people together for inspiring conversations and contributions.

Although it provides all the upholstered comfort and support of a stable lounge chair, Pippin is lightweight and ready to move when it needs to, thanks to wheels and convenient, statement-making strap handle. The recyclable, rubberised strap handle also comes in six colours for that final fun touch.

Pippin is compact, making it the perfect choice for flexible and collaborative spaces of all sizes, and it sits on wheels for easy movement in the moment.

Deliberately free from arms, Pippin is easy to move, twist and turn in group meetings, naturally facilitating connection.

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