HushWall Portable Office Divider

  • CAD Models available


HushWall is a mobile divider that helps create truly flexible office. The vertical workspaces of HushWall offer multiple product configurations:

  • a mobile partition with a felt panel
  • a room divider with a whiteboard
  • or a mobile multimedia display wall on which a TV mount can be installed.

HushWall helps create new office partitioning layouts and quickly adapt the workplace to changing environment – without the need for any installers or conversion of the office interior.


Carcass finish: Available in Cosmos Grey and White
Three possible configurations of vertical space: felt panels / whiteboard / TV mount-compatible panel Additional storage space – cabinet with a roller door

Castors with brakes for easy relocation and safe use PRODUCT SIZE: H. 1993 mm, W. 1600 mm, D. 320 mm (mobile base: 643 mm) Weight: 124 kg



Resources for Designers

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