• Launched date
  • 01st April 2023

ARCHISONIC® Cotton is a circular solution made in Italy from renewable materials. 100% of the acoustic absorbers can be returned to the production process, making it fully recyclable. Available in a range of 24 natural colours, it not only absorbs sound but also adds a natural aesthetic to any room.

Circularity is a concept that has gained traction in recent years and refers to the idea of designing products and processes that are inherently restorative and regenerative. This means that they aim to eliminate waste and pollution while creating a closed-loop system in which resources are used efficiently and sustainably.

The material is completely reusable, with 100% of the sound absorbers able to be returned to the production process at the end of their life cycle. As well as reducing waste, we also ensure that resources are used efficiently and that the product can be used indefinitely by simply reshaping and adding water without degrading the quality of the materials.

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