Interface HN810 - 01

Human Nature

It’s human nature to be creative. As designers we know that when we follow nature’s example, designing spaces that ignite our senses through light, colour, texture and detail, we also spark the creative spirit in each of us.

Human Nature Collection was designed as a beautiful foundation for those spaces, made up of five different textures in 25cm x 1m skinny planks. Borrowing from natural elements, HN810, HN850 and HN840 placed in sequence blend seamlessly in an organic movement that shows no hint of the corners or edges of the tile. HN820 and HN830 extend the range from very low profile to wildly-full and neutral to colourful.

Like everything in the natural world, transitions are varied. The skinny plank format lends itself to fluid transitions with its graceful, elongated dimensions. More dynamic connections are made when mixing hues and textures with the bold geometry of the tile. Human Nature Collection is made of over 50% total recycled content, including 100% recycled nylon made in part from reclaimed fishing nets. And when its useful life is through, it can be recycled through Interface’s ReEntry® 2.0 recycling process.


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