Jaquar Bidspa is your answer to smart bathroom solutions for your toilet. The electronic toilet comes with various function buttons that allow you to regulate temperature of the seat and the water sprayed. The regulators of the Jaquar Bidspa electronic water closet make sure that temperatures of the water and seat are changed with a click of a button. The Jaquar Bidspa electronic commode is equipped with night light that ensures that you are guided to the bathroom even during night time. The electronic water closet by Jaquar makes a deep sound that indicates the electronic functions are active. The smart electronic toilet’s nozzle is automatically closed following five seconds of self cleaning. Jaquar Bidspa comes with a multifunction knob that allows you to start and stop the water spray while maintaining a pressure that is comfortable for you. The Jaquar Bidspa adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom and enriches your complete experience.


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