A unique, one-of-its-kind Creation

Tailwater-A new design classic by Danelon Meroni

The abstract image of a bird, perched on the edge of a pool, emerged from the early concept sketches. The lever and spout are united in a single, friendly form, which is simple and enjoyable to use.

The curve of the tap’s body echoes the movement and flow of water, while its reflective surface appears as seamless as liquid metal. The ‘tail’ acts as a mixer lever, which moves smoothly backwards and to the left and right.

Extensively prototyped and finely tuned for ergonomic comfort, function and aesthetics, the curved lever is both intuitive and inviting to the touch. When tilted backwards, the tap’s form is transformed into a graceful silver arc.

Designed to be deck-mounted, the tap widens and curves slightly at the base to give the impression of delicate balance, while ensuring strength and stability, and discreetly concealing the fixtures and water supply. Unlike conventional bathroom accessories, which are conceived as a series and specified in a variety of options, Tailwater combines style and function in a unique and graceful sculpture – for this reason, there is only one signature product in the range.

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