Meet QIKPAC CARRY from OE, a high-power DC battery pack and one of the core components of the OE ANIMATE range – a family of parts designed to make power portable for the agile workplace. QIKPAC CARRY can be used as a stand-alone powerbank, or integrated into furniture via the QIKDOC to power both the furniture itself, as well as Monitors, Lighting, and other DC powered peripherals. Even when docked the QIKPAC CARRY’s high-power TUF USB charger is still available for use, OR add a PLUTO, PICCOLO, or ARC-H LD to your setup for even more charging options.

    The QIKPAC CARRY packs 200Wh of charging time into a portable power pack that can be taken anywhere. To translate that to runtime, you’ll be able to get an additional 20 hours from your laptop, 50 hours from your tablet, and 200 hours from your cell phone. As well as the flexible TPE rubber carrying handle.
    One press of the QIKPAC CARRY’s orange control button reveals how much charge is available, indicated on the LED panel. These LEDs are also used to communicate several other features such as charging progress, charge completion, and other fault modes.
    The QIKPAC CARRY features OE’s patented TUF USB CHARGER – 5V, 9V, 15V, & 20V Power Delivery from the USB-C port for super fast charging, and 5V (3A) power from the USB-A port for charging legacy devices.

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This Product is from Animate and goes very well with Products from the same collection