Screen element

Anyone wanting to combine open-plan office design with the need for confidentiality and distraction-free zones will find the perfect solution in “viswall”. Each “viswall” is a two-panel screen consisting of fully rotating slats which stand on a sturdy base plate. Because the fabric-covered panels rotate, the elements are able to provide slight transparency, complete transparency or total visual protection.

Screen and partition with Sedus viswall

The core of each element is a steel-tube frame covered in fabric. However, an acoustic filling with 25 mm-thick polyester fleece is also possible. The screening elements of both versions are 25 mm thick. Each screen has a steel base plate, which is 800 mm wide and 280 mm high, supporting two slats that can be slotted in and rotated as required. The slats can be turned by 360° thanks to the integrated pivot bearing. Thanks to the angled base plates, the modules can be positioned in a row, staggered or oriented in different directions.

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