• Launched date
  • 01st June 2023

Rooted in research into emerging models in higher education, CoLab, designed by Pearson Lloyd, offers workspaces and institutions a versatile modular furniture system that empowers shared learning and collaboration. Drawing on synthesised insights from 2 years of primary research into global pedagogy trends, CoLab is the outcome of Pearson Lloyd’s intensive project with Senator exploring emerging higher-education models and changing approaches to work.
Intelligent space
CoLab creates agile, adaptable environments for dynamic learning, socialising, and collaborative work. The system provides freedom and flexibility to reconfigure spaces to meet the changing needs and modalities of groups, unlocking real estate potential by making space intelligent.
Sit, stand, or perch.
CoLab’s multi-posture design supports a variety of positions and movements, improving engagement and optimising wellbeing. Pick the perfect posture to suit the task, then change when you need to inject fresh energy.
Power to everyone, everywhere
CoLab creates environments that support every mode of work, with an integrated power-distribution system to ensure a mains connection is always in easy reach. Thanks to power running through the central seating spine, workspaces are no longer tied to floor-box layouts.
Built for use
CoLab is constructed to combine the robustness and durability needed for everyday use, while maintaining the warm, welcoming aesthetic and engaging tactility of hospitality furniture. Repairable and recyclable
CoLab is designed in accordance with circular design principles, ensuring each component product in the system can be easily repaired. Exposed fixings promote ease of assembly, and simple on-site part replacement. Because no composite materials are used, any parts that do reach end-of-life can be recycled.

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