Thanks to a new range of 3D technically knitted fabrics, i-Workchair 2.0 is now better than ever before. i-Workchair 2.0, our most innovative task chair, has been refined to create a softer, lighter silhouette by resculpting the back and seat form.

All this whilst still offering the same freedom of movement, personalised comfort and total support, i-Workchair 2.0 is more agile than ever.

Whilst refining the i-Workchair, we looked at not just improving the components, but improving the choice of materials we use as well.
Digital knitting or technical knitting is more commonly associated with sports shoes, high-end fashion or sports garments.
Through the use of advanced knit technology, we have used high performance yarns in complex structures; to not only create a contemporary design, but to bring additional strength, support and breathability to i-Workchair 2.0

Material Content

  • Fabric: 5.07%
  • Nylon 6: 0.38%
  • Nylon (30% Glass): 43.26%
  • Polypropylene: 3.74
  • Aluminium Castings: 33.82%
  • Steel: 7.6%
  • PU Foam: 6.14%

Recycled Content

  • Fabric: 2.5%
  • Aluminium Castings: 34%
  • Steel: 4%


  • The range is 99% recyclable
  • *Environmental information for this range has been based on WRKN140MF

Resources for Designers

  • Models: