The Jungle Collection by styleGREEN is composed of a wide variety of plants in all the shades of the rainforest set on a lush flat moss substrate and offers a deceptively real jungle feeling.

It can be used for wall and ceiling greening, furniture and object design as well as in planting for the varioGREEN room separator.

Individual projects with logos or special shapes are available upon request.

Out of experience we can recommend the jungle scenery for bigger rooms – especially when there is plenty of free surface area available. In combination with other pieces of our product range, this object will be part of a fascinating composition rich in variety, offering a unique touch in any room.

The Jungle plant frame comes in 3 alternatives and each plant composition is unique and consists of 100% genuine, preserved moss and plants. Most of all our products require 0% care: neither maintenance nor lighting necessary and they do not need to be watered. Your plant frame is evergreen and will last for many years due to permanent preservation.

Available in 

  • Jungle Frame 80 x 80
  • Jungle Frame 100 x 60
  • Jungle Frame 55 x 55

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