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Run Personal by Technogym is a dream come true: training with the best technology for running, choosing the best Italian design and being always “connected”. The new treadmill by Technogym is the studies’ summery of: Technogym Centre of Research about ergonomic and biomechanical factors, Antonio Citterio’s design and the new technology VISIOweb.

VISIOweb is the first integrated display offering internet, TV and iPod during workouts. With VISIOweb there’s no more chance to cut the physical activity for the laziest persons and the social networks fans, because they can dedicate a little bit of time to their personal health keeping in touch  with their friends on Facebook, carrying on twitting or being connected with the news.

A revolutionary product, a measured blend of design and functionality, born to create, following the path of Kinesis Personal, a new offer in the segment of Wellness Design. The features are strongly innovative and they are characterized by a specific research of precious and elegant materials, never used before in a exercise equipment.


Run Personal technology makes your training experience more engaging and connected thanks to the digital console UNITY. With its tablet-like mode of operation, UNITY offers infinite entertainment options: TV, Skype, Internet, games and a great selection of personalised training programs. Besides with the unique MyRunning Logbook app  users can replicate on the treadmill their favourite outdoor runs tracked by compatible mobile apps or by wearable tracking devices.

To ensure the quality of your content  RUN PERSONAL is equipped with the largest HD ready touch-screen in tempered glass and integrated hi-fi speakers.

Designed by Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen Run Personal is made of polished aluminium, soft-touch plastic, and glass which enhance its elegant lines: RUN PERSONAL exalts the rooms where it is installed.

Technology and design at the core of Run Personal, a treadmill aiming to excellence in training performance.

Training at higher levels means also safety and for this reason, the treadmill features grip handles, non-slip edges and an emergency STOP button.  Besides users can regulate speed and gradient without moving away from the exercising position thanks to Run Personal joystick. Last but not least you can monitor your heart rate with the hand sensors on the central handle and telemetric chest strap.

RUN PERSONAL is ideal for your cardiorespiratory system and it’s perfect if you want to lose weight by strengthening and toning your legs: all of this is possible with a hi-tech design treadmill.


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