• Sustainable
    Goods crafted with a focus on ecological responsibility and longevity. These products are deemed sustainable after being certified by various environmental bodies from across the world.
  • CAD Models available


  • Dimensions
  • Ceiling heights from 86" - 120" high in 1" increments
    Fascia widths from 12" - 120" wide in 1 /8 " increments
  • Thickness
  • 6mm
  • Material
  • Solid Glass
    Aluminum Shelf
  • Rating
  • Glass STC ratings up to 46 STC
    Solid STC ratings up to 48 STC
    NRC ratings up to .85 NRC

Altos is an innovative architectural wall system designed for maximum functionality while maintaining a clean aesthetic. Simple and efficient, Altos facilitates cost-effective reconfiguration or full relocation as required. Its unique universal framework allows changes in elevation, dimension, fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.

Altos Landscape provides a solution to this problem by offering wall-integrated planning capabilities that maximize the usable space in an environment while maintaining its usefulness.

Functional Spaces
Optimize your environment to get the most out of every surface. Altos offers an extensive variety of fascias, shelving, storage, desking, electrical and acoustic options – all available with Teknion’s comprehensive finishes program.

Adaptable Spaces
Demountable fascias and accessories are easily reconfigured to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the workspace. Altos’ systems approach and extensive leveling range open up possibilities for relocation to new floors or buildings.

Quality Spaces
Altos is built to last and durable. Designed with clean lines to harmonize with building interiors, Altos’ external cladding and internal steel frame are relevant both today and tomorrow.


• Ceiling heights from 96″ – 120″ high in 1″ increments
• Fascia widths from 12″ – 48″ wide in 1″ increments

Building Accommodation
• Ceiling adjustment range: + 1 1/2“, – 1/2“
• Floor adjustment range: + 1 1/2“, – 1/2“

Fascia Offering
• Solid, fabric-wrapped, tackable fabric, whiteboard, single and double glass fascias
• Compatible with Teknion’s Architectural finishes program

Door Offering
• Hinged, Pivot and Barn doors
• Single and double leaf options available
• Common doors with Optos available

• Glass STC ratings up to 46 STC
• Solid STC ratings up to 48 STC
• NRC ratings up to .85 NRC

Glass Options
• 6mm framed glass only
• Tempered and Laminated
• Clear, Frosted finishes

• Power and Data capability
• Hard-Wired and Modular connections

• Drywall/base building
• Optos, Focus and Tek Vue


  • LEVEL® 3

Resources for Designers

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