Teknion -Around Chair _Upholstered
Teknion - Around Chair Mesh

Around Task Chair

Designed by Justus Kolberg, the Around™ task chair was conceived to achieve two different looks—an upholstered or mesh back—framed by a sleek sculptural form. Concealed innovations optimize function and comfort.

The Around™ task chair was designed with a unique “two-chairs-in-one” ideology, an approach that offers a distinctive design expression and an opportunity to vary the aesthetic within the product line.

Mix and match back styles, fabrics and finishes to create a bold, contemporary look or one of classic understatement. The curated choice of an Ebony frame and base or Gris frame with polished aluminum base provides a consistent element that works with both neutral and contrasting fabric colors.



Teknion - Around Chair Mesh

• The mesh features a dual-textured weave – an open pattern appears on the interior of the back while the pattern on the exterior is tighter. It is offered in five colors with a direct coordinate with Fundamentals upholstery

• The upholstered chair is offered in all Fundamentals fabric colors on the back, while the seat can be specified in most Luum upholstery selections


Around was inspired by the architecture of modern stadiums—open structures sheathed in a thin, organic-looking skin that creates an open volume or space. This concept translates into the Around back design—one uniform structure wrapped in either upholstery or mesh, each offering a unique visual and tactile experience.


Around is remarkably comfortable and easy to use. Hidden innovations are intelligently integrated into the chair:

• Hex suspension system – the hex-back insert of the upholstered chair flexes with the body to provide comfort and support. Adjustable lumbar elements are cleverly integrated into the design, each side independently controlled for asymmetrical positioning

• Cushioned mesh textile – a mesh back is also applied to the uniform frame structure for an alternate style within the same design expression. Featuring a dual-textured weave, the mesh is breathable and provides user back support either with or without a lumbar element option

• Quick-snap assembly – Around is available fully assembled or knocked-down in only six components. It features a unique back and arm Quick-Snap Assembly (one-way fastening) performed on-site without tools

• Responsive armrest – width, depth and pivot movements are inherently designed in the 2D and 4D armrest pads, delivering immediate adjustment while performing tasks. Arm height is simply adjusted with an easy-to-locate control

• Tension control – the weight-balancing synchro-tilt mechanism automatically adjusts back tension to suit each individual, while a tension comfort control allows users to fine-tune with one simple rotation

Designed by

Justus Kolberg

After having completed his studies as industrial designer at the Muthesius College in Kiel, he started designing for a multitude of international companies, from Castelli S.p.A. to Studio Giancarlo and Techno S.p.A. up to Wilkhahn Entwicklungs GmbH where he developed several best-selling series. In 1997, he started freelancing and rapidly established himself as a respected designer who is known and respected for his intelligent designs. Justus Kolberg has a passion for contract seating and tables. 

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