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 Conran and Partners is driven by a strong and unwavering belief that great design improves the quality of people’s lives.
Through our work as a collaborative design studio, we are singularly focused on creating spaces that are a joy to be in, evoking a welcoming sense of place where communities can thrive.
Our team of masterplanners, architects, and designers has a world-class reputation, with a pedigree that spans over half a century. Founded by Sir Terence Conran and chaired by Jasper Conran, our RIBA Chartered Practice combines this valuable heritage with a contemporary vision that transforms bold ideas into truly inspiring buildings, interiors and products.

Architectural projects range from single properties to regeneration schemes, and we are renowned for breathing new life into historic buildings. We do this through stunning conceptual design, complemented by detailed technical knowledge on everything from planning and standards compliance, to public consultation and tendering. Yet above all else, we know that the best architecture comes from understanding exactly how people live. This awareness is what shapes buildings of real character.

Deep insight into the way we interact with our surroundings – the physical and emotional relationships between people and place – also acts as a guiding principle for our interior designers and industrial design specialists. We are confident innovators, but never at the expense of function and longevity. Design is a business decision as well as an artistic one, so our work never feels temporary, lightweight or pastiche. We don’t blindly follow trends. We create classic styles that we know will stand the test of time. And we have a portfolio of award-winning projects to prove it.

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Conran + Partners

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