David Raz Management Limited is one of the most senior and prominent project management companies in Israel. They provide engineering services for design coordination, management and supervision of a variety of construction projects and large data centers in the business and private sectors in Israel and abroad. Over the years they have accumulated extensive knowledge in project management, particularly in MEP system integration. They have over 27 years of experience, over 1,000 satisfied customers and over 3,000,000 sqm delivered throughout the years.

Most of their clients are multinationals, which requires us to apply strict international standards in all aspects of design management and execution, including ongoing communication with the various entities abroad. They believe that managing expectations is the key to a successful project. They use intelligent work systems to ensure that the client is updated in real time, on all aspects of the project. This is in addition to the weekly reports, monthly summaries, and bi-weekly roundtable meetings.

Working with global corporates led us to create cutting edge methodologies, based on multiple technologies, allowing clients to receive the most advanced solutions. All project information is cloud based, managed on a David Raz Management app. On site cameras and online reporting  ensure all stakeholders are involved and updated at all times.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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David Raz Project Management


18 Raul Wallenberg, Cu Center, Building C, Floor 3
Tel Aviv




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