Dolly Debs Architects

Launched in 1979 – registered, in 1995, under the name of A-Consult. Dolly Debs Architects (A-Consult) is an established architectural firm, possessing a solid practice in the field and offering comprehensive design, construction supervision & project management, value engineering & cost control services to its selective clients.

These services encompass all the facets of Architecture and extends to urban planning and to interior design. Furthermore, various environment-friendly building types are developed, under our umbrella, namely residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare projects.
Our strength stems from the power of creativity applied at all levels, re-thinking functionality, re-questioning the typical, exploring relentlessly more and more innovative forms and shapes adapted to the particular requirements of the given constraints. Dolly Debs Architects, constantly, reshape and refine volume and elements, rejecting standardization and innovating marvelous adequate solutions to the building, in particular, and to the construction, in general.



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