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Shaksy Engineering Services LLC

Shaksy Engineering Services is a market leading civil engineering company, with operations in Oman and the UAE, and in-house capabilities to cater to a range of large scale projects in the construction sector.

Form our humble beginnings in 2009, Shaksy Engineering Services was established with a vision to create a successful construction company that focuses on a new level of quality and timely delivery. This vision has always guided us through our growth and has been the benchmark for the selection of projects, expertise and local talent in Oman. Over the past few years our organization grew in size and reputation to begin challenging some of the largest players in the market. We currently pride ourselves with a team of over 1000 employees and have successfully delivered a wide array of landmark projects.

Following our success in the Omani market, we are now entering into a new phase of our development with our expansion into the UAE and other neighbouring GCC markets. This has provided us with the opportunity to evolve our business to a level that will enable us to compete in the regional market. We look forward to the future development of our organization and welcome you to take a deeper glance into our organization with the content that we have provided.



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