Slash Design

Slash is an independent, brand, architecture and digital design studio consisting of a team that loves what it does. And they love to do it together.

While they are designers and architects, above all, they’re people that want to share the love for what they do, embracing every single challenge with the same enthusiasm every time. And always find a solution for each one of them.

At Slash, this is done in a way that combines both the knowledge gathered over 20 years of experience, and what each one of them has been learning as individuals in their own lives.

Slash embraces the client’s experience, as the start- with the believe that more than just the next addition to their portfolio, each project will be part of the clients’ daily life, helping them to perform better.

They strongly believe that what they do at Slash makes them better as individuals. But that happens because they’re great as a team. Because they truly don’t want to be anywhere else than here.




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