Studio EM was founded in 2011. Since then it has been a rollercoaster of a journey for them!

In a nutshell, Studio EM are an interior architecture + design firm who create funky interiors and brands for clients all over the globe.

Outside of the nutshell, they are so much more than just another design agency, in fact the term “agency” is not something that they are comfortable with. They consider themselves a collective of people who just so happen to be quite good at designing. With the approach of people first, designers second- their clients receive a much more people-centric approach to the design process and not a dusty old agency approach. That’s why Studio EM consider themselves to have the best clients in the world, because they get it, they get their approach and most of all Studio EM gives them what they want, with a little touch of their design magic along the way.

They don’t do things differently, they just do different things!

Every project that comes through the Studio EM doors is a chance for us to create something amazing for the client. Design shouldn’t be hindered by size, budget or limited imagination! – Emma Stinson – Creative Director




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