The Grill Pit

Grill Pit provides honest, home cooked produce. They stick to their good old Yorkshire roots, brining northern hospitality and proper food! On their menu you will find a vast range of food ranging from classic burgers and steaks to something a little different like their home-marinated skewers and pulled pork sandwiches and flatbreads. They grill as much food as possible, which ultimately leads to healthier versions of their favorite foods.

They are constantly looking to develop their menu and have recently released a new menu containing two new sections, which are hot dogs and their grill pit combo – a section which brings together all their favorite meats, brought in by popular demand.

Something that really makes them individual, is their Man vs Food challenges. Ranging from their infamous holy cow challenge, a 5lb burger with all the trimmings, to their incinerator challenges, a challenge made with sauce from the devil himself.



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