BASWA Natural – The Sustainable, Seamless Acoustic Solution Made from Natural Fibres Is Now Available

From homes to museums: plant-based building materials cut reliance on scarce resources and build healthy, efficient and zero carbon buildings. Natural, renewable raw materials thus enable sustainable building and promote our health at the same time

BASWA Natural, the acoustic solution made from regional hemp fibres, combines a healthy indoor climate with efficient sound absorption and is now available in Middle East.

BASWA quality with an even smaller CO2 footprint

BASWA Natural is the perfect ecological and at the same time highly sound-absorbing addition to the BASWA ecosystem. The acoustic panel is made of regional hemp fibres and is manufactured with an open-pored pre-coating of recycled glass in the production in Switzerland. The final finish, the microporous acoustic plaster made of fine marble sand, provides a seamless yet smooth, absorbent surface. This reduces echo and reverberation in rooms efficiently and invisibly, so to speak. BASWA Natural can be installed on horizontal, vertical or curved surfaces. This results not only in noticeably improved acoustics in the room, but also in a wide range of applications that guarantees architects and planners vast design freedom. BASWA Natural is also suitable for covered outdoor areas or swimming pools.

Why hemp?

One of the most important capabilities of the hemp plant is the storage of CO2. Since hemp is an annual plant, it can be harvested and replanted every year. Under excellent climatic conditions, the plant can even be harvested twice a year – the CO2 storage is thus even doubled! For BASWA Natural all the fibres as well as the stalk are used. Hemp also contains no protein. This makes the oldest crop in the world pest-resistant and consequently it is cultivated completely without pesticides. Hemp thus fulfils the best requirements for a sustainable acoustic panel.