High-Quality Furniture in Wood Look from Geberit for A Homely Bathroom Design

High-Quality Furniture in Wood Look from Geberit for A Homely Bathroom Design

Wood in the bathroom was previously considered difficult because of the material’s sensitivity to moisture. But the solution is obvious: bathroom furniture with a wood look. Today, new lacquers, foils or other coatings are much more moisture-resistant than in the past and give bathroom furniture a special warm effect. So it’s no wonder that interest in wood looks is on the rise. Geberit offers several bathroom series with high-quality moisture-resistant furniture that gives the bathroom an elegant and at the same time homely look.

Until a few years ago, wood and wood optics played a subordinate role in bathrooms – the uncertainty that the furniture and surfaces could be damaged by the high humidity was too great. This has changed thanks to targeted further development of the material: Today, furniture made of wood or with a wood look is moisture-resistant as well as hygienic and thus well suited for the bathroom. Geberit uses only high-quality materials in its bathroom series, with easy-care and moisture-resistant surfaces. 

Furniture series from Geberit in wood look

Wood-look furniture is available in numerous Geberit bathroom series. In sales talks, plumbers can thus fulfil customers’ wishes for a homely bathroom in warm tones. The iCon bathroom series has vanity units as well as side and tall cabinets in a minimalist design that can be variably combined with each other. The

walnut hickory and oak colours create a homely atmosphere in the customer’s bathroom. The vanity units from the Geberit VariForm series are also available in hickory walnut and oak. For a particularly individually designed bathroom, the iCon furniture and the vanity units from the Geberit VariForm series can be harmoniously combined. 

The washbasin, side and mid-height cabinets from the Geberit Smyle series are also available in a wood look. The Smyle furniture impresses with its delicate lines and discreet, harmonious shapes. They bring lightness to family and guest bathrooms. Bathroom furniture in various surface finishes brings a natural, elegant flair to the bathroom. 

Attention to detail

Even beyond the bathroom furniture, accents can be set with wood tones: The Geberit actuator plates Sigma21 and Sigma50 are also available in a wood look. As eye-catchers, they add the finishing touch to the bathroom.