K.art Group Installations: The Leader and Connectivity are on the Move

Two much-admired installations that have resided in Dubai’s Design District are on the move to world-renowned West Beach on Palm Jumeirah

K.art Group, for the past two years, has showcased The Leader and Connectivity  installations at the 2020 and 2021 Dubai Design Weeks, underpinning the city’s stance and  position as the regional capital of design. The design weeks have seen outstanding talents  from the UAE, across the Middle East, and the rest of the world show extraordinary visions through installations, exhibitions, experiences and workshops that promote an array of  design interests. 

Nakheel, the world-leading master property developer, is responsible for many innovative  and iconic destinations across Dubai. Their forward-thinking portfolio has been pivotal to  realising the city’s incredible vision. Nakheel wants to continue the celebration of talent  within the city and has invited K.art Group to display two extraordinary installations on the  world-famous, multi-award-winning Palm Jumeirah.  

‘The  Leader’  is  a  commemorative  admiration  of  HH  Sheikh  Mohammed  bin  Rashid  Al  Maktoum and his inspired leadership of the eclectic population of the United Arab Emirates.  The sculpture virtually guides onlookers through his journey of accomplishment, diversity  and ordeals. ‘The Leader’ progresses into an optimistic future through an ‘ewan’ style space.  HH Sheikh Mohammed has a down-to-earth relationship with the people of Dubai. The city’s  vibrant culture attracts residents and visitors from around the world, and this sculpture pays  homage to a remarkable man.  

‘Connectivity’  is  an  ever-transforming  ebb  and  flow  of  energy  that  embraces  Dubai’s  surrounding desert-scapes and reflects an imagined mirage into the reflective circular space.  The installation discreetly appreciates the connections formed in the UAE and celebrates the  extraordinary medley of Dubai’s people. HH Sheikh Mohammed has an ambitious vision for  Dubai  2040,  which  centres  around  people’s  happiness  and  quality  of  life.  Just  like  the  installation,  the  mirrored  centre  is  the  hub  of  inspiration  that  allows  the  blossoming  of  expression,  acceptance  and  growth. Connectivity’s  primary  objective  is  to  highlight  the  significance of diversity experienced in urban Dubai.  

Mustafa Khamash, the founder of K.art Group, is thrilled that The Leader and Connectivity  are on the move. He understands that the past few years have created a slew of changes and  challenges,  but  also  presented  opportunities  for  change,  transformation,  connection  and  celebration.

“We are thrilled to be partnered with Nakheel and HH Sheikh Mohammed bin  Rashid  Al  Maktoum to  continue  to  celebrate  such  are  remarkable  city.  K.art  Group  will  continue  to  represent  the  hopes  and  visions  of  the  country  through  extraordinary  installations with thought-provoking significance.”