Lladró, 70 years of history in 9 minutes

Lladró, a world leader in the creation, manufacturing and distribution of handcrafted porcelain designs, has released its corporate video on all its media channels. The audiovisual narrative of the Spanish brand is debuted as part of the program commemorating its 70th anniversary but, in addition to telling the backstory behind its legacy, it also announces an exciting future for art in porcelain.

In an emotive and polished narrative, mirroring the very essence of the brand, right from the very beginning the video focuses on the creative and expressive potential of porcelain: “pure, smooth, translucent, perfect” are the opening words pronounced by the narrator. Following an introduction on the magic and origins of this age-old natural material made from quartz, feldspar and kaolin mixed with water, the video takes us on a fascinating journey through the history of a brand set up with a mission to create beauty in porcelain and to bring it to the whole world.

PAST: From a small workshop to the wide world

Viewers are submerged in a captivating visual journey on which they will discover how this passion for porcelain gradually forged a legacy now recognized and appreciated around the world. We can see how Lladró went from making its creations in a humble workshop at the family home of the three founding Lladró brothers to opening its first factory in 1958 and then, in 1969, laying the foundations to what would become Lladró’s only factory in the world, The City of Porcelain. And 1969 was also the year when the brand made the leap into the US market.

But the story does not linger on the distant past; it continues with Lladró’s expansion throughout the world, arriving to what were then faraway markets like Japan, Australia, China and India in the 1980s. Artistic porcelain became part of the everyday lives of countless homes, which found in Lladró porcelain a unique and universal language able to reflect a wide range of emotions and sentiments.

PRESENT: Breaking molds

Before our eyes, the small workshop gradually turns into a multinational with a presence in over 120 countries and a network of over one thousand points of sale. And, as is revealed throughout this journey, the values that made the brand great since its beginnings are still part of its essence today. The main mission of PHI Industrial, the investment fund which owns Lladró since 2016, is to maintain the company on its course and to help it grow.

At the heart of this video are the brand’s artists, experts in the techniques of porcelain who make each creation by hand. We are taken on a journey through the fascinating process of handcrafted elaboration, divided into two phases: the creative development, and the execution in porcelain. We shall see how each piece is conceived and designed by a team of sculptors and designers. Months and even years can pass between the initial idea until the finished piece.

Scene by scene, Lladró demonstrates its commitment with excellence and with innovation, and also its focus on sustainability and human values. The brand is committed to preserving its handcrafted know-how and to preparing local artisans in conjunction with specialized training centers.

In a series of successive images, the video also underscores the global presence on the five continents of Lladró creations, which are divided into three main categories: Heritage, New Concept and Lighting. Each one of these categories reflects a unique facet of porcelain art and demonstrates the versatility of the material. This wide-ranging catalog of creations is distributed throughout the world and takes on meaning when they arrive to the hands, hearts and homes of the countless people who choose them. Lladró connects with these people through a growing network of points of sale that also act as places for meeting and experiences.

FUTURE: An exciting journey into the unknown

As the corporate video draws to a close we find ourselves once more in the Lladró workshops, where the passion for porcelain continues burning with intensity. Here, viewers will see how porcelain still possesses a rich trove of secrets and emotions and that the brand’s mission is to reveal and safeguard these treasures forever.
Its story, far from fading, shines even more brightly and with renewed vitality.