Lladró Presents Its Latest Collections At Maison&Objet 2024

From January 18 through 22, the brand will be unveiling its latest new introductions for Spring, showcasing the diversity of the designs in its various product lines

Contemporary craft, design and art are the very essence of today’s Lladró. A unique world where porcelain is transformed into the most varied creations which, once again this year, are unveiled in Paris. From January 18 through 22 at Maison&Objet – HALL 7 STAND C11 D12 – one of the world’s leading events for the design and decor industry, Lladró invites attendants to discover its standout collections for this season. Handcrafted creations that take their inspiration from the emotions and big issues of concern to humankind. On this occasion, paying special attention to nature and biodiversity as the basic sources of life.

Among the main novelties Lladró is presenting in Paris, and following the fantastic reception it got at Art Week Miami last December, is Art Editions, an artistic platform through which Lladró joins the contemporary art circuit with the creation of limited editions works in collaboration with leading international artists. At the fair, Lladró is presenting an artist proof of one of the You Choose One compositions created by Javier Calleja, the artist with whom the brand gets this new project off to a start.

With Art Editions, Lladró is not only opening a unique creative space, but also the doors to an exclusive VIP community, The Art Editions Club, which offers its members priority access to a series of very short limited editions which shall be released shortly.

In Paris, Lladró is also unveiling Iguazu, its new lighting collection for the year. Developed by the brand’s design team, it is inspired by different ecosystems and comprises chandeliers which can be customized to take them to another level. With lighting in porcelain, Iguazu offers lamps which are the lasting expression of the beauty that surrounds us. And, like nature itself, the compositions enabled by this collection are varied and countless. Different “ecosystems” can be created by combining various elements: swallows with raindrops, butterflies with bluebells or fish with bubbles, among other options. The cords, available in steel or gilded finish, adapt to different lengths while the rosettes are customizable in different colors.

Functionality is also a common factor in Majestic Nights, a collection comprising a holder with four plates, a candle, a cordless lamp and an incense diffuser conceived for celebrations around the dinner table or to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With their play of lights and scents, the pieces in this series are suffused with the spirit of the Thousand and One Nights, the charm and mystery of an age-old culture, of refined, delicate and magical art.

We would also underscore the dialogue between porcelain and design in the new figurative creations, with a special mention for collections like Underwater and the creations White Rhino and Mummy Bear and Babies. A homage to life and the primeval element from which it came: water. Thanks to the use of unique decorative techniques, they convey the impression of being literally submerged underwater.

Also worth mentioning is the Eternal Fluidity collection which speaks to the duality between permanence and constant change. The three creations in the collection are made following the tradition of classical sculpture in which white matte porcelain enhances the impeccable modeling. In contrast, the decoration with silver luster that flows over the pieces captures an almost liquid sense of duality.

Lladró is adding to its Heritage category with creations like Together, an evident example of the mastery in sculpture of the brand’s artists, as well as pieces that pay tribute to age-old cultures, like Abundance Mudra inspired by the language of mudras.

Finally, the new introductions presented at Maison&Objet 2024 also include the latest additions to Lladró’s popular Licenses line. One of them, Stormtrooper, is a recreation in porcelain of one of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars saga in a limited-edition of 1138 units. At the same time, and the result of its alliance with Disney, Lladró is presenting Minnie in Black and White, offering a contemporary vision of Mickey Mouse’s sweetheart.

Like all Lladró creations, the pieces presented at Maison&Objet 2024 are the result of a meticulous handcrafted process that takes place, from start to finish, at the brand’s headquarters in Valencia. They can be purchased from Spring 2024in Lladró boutiques, in the brand’s authorized points of sale and in the online store www.lladro.com.

Lladró: high craftsmanship in porcelain since 1953
Lladró is a world-leading Spanish brand renowned for its mastery in the creation of artistic porcelain. Lladró’s works are created at its only factory in the world, located in Valencia (Spain), from where they are distributed to over 120 countries. Each piece is handmade with utmost precision by sculptors and artisans, combining age-old techniques with a constantly changing palette of proprietary colors and finishes. The ongoing exploration of the brand’s creative language and of the application of porcelain to lifestyles is evinced both in the creations by its in-house teams as well as in collaborations with renowned contemporary artists and designers. Since 2016, the brand has beenpart of the holdings of the Spanish private equity fund PHI Industrial Acquisitions. Today, Lladró embraces sculptures, lighting, decorative objects, and fashion accessories. Lladró is an ambassador for Spanish contemporary craft and design, through an extensive commercial network of its own boutiques and authorized distributors, giving it over 1200 points of sale across the globe.