Make Up For Ever’s Office in d3 Gets A Custom Broadway Interiors Makeover

Fast-track office refurbishment in Dubai Design District blends bespoke design with brand’s creative spirit

Broadway Interiors has recently completed the design and refurbishment of Make Up For Ever’s office in Dubai Design District (d3), delivering a 420-square-metre workspace that embodies the brand’s ethos of beauty and creativity.
In a fast-track project fitted-out by Havelock One, Make Up For Ever’s workspace has been transformed into a modern and stylish office interior as well as a dynamic environment designed to foster creativity.

The refurbished office space for the renowned French cosmetics brand, founded by make-up artist Dany Sanz in 1984, features a diverse range of spaces designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of its team. From an open-plan workstation area, to acoustic meeting booths offering privacy for concentrated work, the space is strategically laid out to support different modes of work, while enhancing productivity.

“Dubai Design District is an ideal backdrop for the Make Up For Ever office, reflecting the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation,” says Dawn Pabiona, senior interior designer at Broadway Interiors. “Our design approach melds functional elegance with the aesthetic elements iconic to Make Up For Ever, creating a workspace that is not only efficient, but also a true embodiment of the brand’s ethos.”

The office has an open-plan and well-lit layout with numerous workstations equipped with ergonomic black office chairs and white desks. The flooring is a warm wood laminate that contrasts nicely with the clean lines of the furniture, featuring natural light that complements the white and red colour scheme.

According to Pabiona, the client brief was to incorporate key signature elements from their make-up stores into the new office design. The main focus is a vibrant red mesh ceiling feature that swoops down in curved accents, adding a dynamic and fluid element to the space. This feature not only injects the brand’s signature colour into the office, but also adds a creative and energetic atmosphere.

Strategically placed throughout the office are green planters, which add a touch of nature. The walls are mostly white, with sections of glass partitions for smaller meeting rooms, creating an open yet divided workspace. The glass partitions help maintain an open feel while also providing separation for different work areas.

The refurbishment introduces a dedicated make-up training centre, underscoring the brand’s commitment to education in the beauty industry. The room is designed with a modern and professional aesthetic, featuring a long, sleek counter that serves as a workstation for makeup training. Above the counter, a row of large, circular mirrors with built-in ring lights provides ample illumination, essential for detailed makeup application and instruction.

Each makeup station is equipped with a comfortable, fabric-upholstered chair in a dark grey tone, complementing the room’s neutral palette. The flooring is a dark, slate-coloured tile that gives the space a contemporary and clean look, and contrasts with the light-coloured wooden countertop.

Above, the ceiling is exposed, painted white, with visible ductwork and piping, contributing to an industrial-chic vibe. Red pipes run across the ceiling, adding a pop of colour that ties in with the brand’s signature hue. The main boardroom is characterised by a bold theme, with the ceiling and a feature wall, upholstered in red velvet, behind a large flat-screen TV painted in the brand’s signature shade. This vibrant wall also features the Make Up For Ever logo.

The meeting table is large and rectangular, with a dark finish that contrasts with the brightly coloured walls and meeting chairs upholstered in a dark grey fabric, which have a modern design with metallic accents that reflect a contemporary office aesthetic.

On the opposite wall, shelves display Make Up For Ever products, and a large poster features promotional imagery, adding a touch of glamour and visual interest to the room.

The lighting is modern, with track lights running across the ceiling, providing focused illumination, whilst natural light filters into the space. The floor is a light wood laminate, adding warmth to the room, balancing the intensity of the red accents.

The Managing Director’s office, positioned at the back of the office, builds on the prominent accent colours and neutral palate, whilst a unique cylindrical shelving unit in black, is a feature that provides a practical way to display various decorative items and plants. The overall design of the office is focused on combining functional workspaces with elements of the Make Up For Ever brand, creating a cohesive and branded environment that encourages creativity and collaboration.

About Broadway Interiors
Since its establishment in 1999, Broadway Interiors has been acclaimed for its dedication to quality and client satisfaction, making it one of the most respected boutique design consultancies in the UAE and the wider Middle East. Known for its functional, innovative, and sustainable designs, the company has delivered over 1000 projects, including government commercial projects, high-end residential designs, and leading F&B interiors. The multi-award-winning Asia Asia restaurant is a testament to their design prowess. With a string of accolades, including the prestigious ‘World’s Best Leisure Interior’ award in 2021, Broadway Interiors stands out for its intelligent design strategy and its ability to create unique, impactful spaces.

About Make Up For Ever
Founded by Dany Sanz in 1984, Make Up For Ever is a French cosmetics brand celebrated for its high-quality, professional-grade makeup. Owned by luxury conglomerate LVMH, the brand has been empowering makeup artists and enthusiasts alike, with its innovative products available worldwide.