Meet DDD 2022 Headline Sponsor: Sedus

This year, Surge’s ‘Design, Dine, Make a Difference’ Gala celebrates the rich cultural heritage that makes this such a unique and thriving community. Twelve of the region’s top designers have taken on the challenge to create pieces that pay tribute to an ancient art or architectural form. With eight awards up for grabs, Surge can’t wait to unveil the creations on December 7th at the gala dinner. Get Tickets Now

This year, Surge is pleased to announce Sedus as a Headline Sponsor. With their support, they help Surge fulfill its mission and impact thousands of people annually!

“After we understood how Surge invests in vulnerable communities, in making sure they have safe water & sanitation, we realised that Sedus & Surge both have a lot in common when it comes to making our world a better place, we have a common mission which is taking care of people. The core of Sedus mission is the sentence – We really care: we care about the Environment, the Future of new generations, the People, their Wellbeing & health. Promoting the health of people is as important as breathing clean air or drinking clean water for daily survival and leading a healthy life. At Sedus, we surely develop and produce high-quality office furniture to ensure people are motivated in a healthy office environment. We also ensure our profits go to foundations of similar purpose, one of which is Karl Bröecker Stiftung, a foundation which commonly believes that children are the future, and only with proper psychological and emotional development, this future will be in good hands.”

Joelle Nader, Managing Director of Sedus

Sedus Stoll AG is one of the leading suppliers of complete office furniture and workplace concepts. Sedus develops, produces and sells high-quality “Made in Germany” furniture, and has eight subsidiaries in Europe and a global presence in more than 50 countries. As an office furniture expert and a technology pioneer, Sedus has set new standards time and again throughout its more than 145-year company history – particularly with regard to ergonomics, design and sustainability. Standards were developed that gained worldwide significance. Sedus is known for innovation, technology and aesthetics, and it continuously enriches the office environment with new product ideas and contemporary concepts. Sedus focuses on current trends and changes in the office world. New ways of working and new organisational structures demand flexible, aesthetic furniture and custom-made solutions that promote communication and encourage movement. The health of employees is a major priority.

Surge is thrilled to have the support of Sedus as a Headline Sponsor to help create a happier and healthier world