Modulyss Custom Design Service

Custom Flooring By Modulyss

Since the inception of modulyss in 2010, the brand has continuously pushed the envelope on modular design. The latest modulyss offering is a new custom flooring design service, granting designers full creative reign over their flooring options.

Over time, modulyss has carefully crafted an array of premium carpet tiles for the international commercial market. Without fail, the brand has brought a solid core of sustainability and innovation to its soft-flooring collections.

Through an ever-growing range of colours, textures, and backings, modulyss carpet tiles have lent themselves to unexpected applications and customised designs – ever adaptable to the intended purpose of each space. It has always been the brand’s mission to give designers the necessary flexibility to bring their bold visions to life.

Today, modulyss is transforming that existing flexibility into complete design freedom. Enter a brand new modulyss service: bespoke soft flooring that sets a new standard within the market.

Building on a wealth of expertise within the design community, modulyss will now empower interior designers and architects with truly limitless colour and design possibilities.

“This custom design service aligns with an increasing market demand for more bespoke options in soft flooring, our new service offers designers exciting new ways to cater to their clients’ needs.”

Ruben De Reu, Product Director

At the heart of this custom flooring service lies cutting-edge print tile technology – an advanced printing process that ensures the flawless integration of visuals.


Experimenting with subtle gradients within a colour spectrum to create organic transitions that evoke depth and dimension.

For a bold and contemporary chromatic statement, colour blocking offers designers a way to embrace vivid contrast within their vision. Colour blocking can also help define distinct areas within a larger space, creating intuitive wayfinding paths and visual tranquillity in open-plan environments.

For a cohesive look and feel in corporate spaces, modulyss can manufacture custom carpet tiles in any brand colour palette or combination. The result is a perfect match for brand identity, conveying a consistent narrative to employees and clients or customers alike.


At times, an artistic image is central to the design vision. Custom carpet tiles by modulyss invite designers to usher those images into their spatial designs in an entirely new way.

Featuring key design elements or prominent logo placement, modulyss can also manufacture bespoke soft-flooring options that put a brand’s meticulously crafted visual style in the spotlight. The printed visuals can extend across multiple tiles to eye-catching effect. An unmissable logo in a significant location? A subtly branded carpet pattern? modulyss makes these bold design visions a reality.


All bespoke carpet tile creations are designed for a seamless blend with the existing range of modulyss products. This allows the custom flooring to take centre stage – for example in a lobby or conference room – flanked by complementary colours and textures readily available in the standard collections.


This new modulyss service and its custom flooring-design capabilities will be showcased on 27 and 28 February at London’s Workspace Design Show. They will also feature throughout Europe this year at multiple editions of ARCHITECT@WORK events. Each event will highlight custom soft-flooring designs created by local designers in collaboration with modulyss.