OBJECT CARPET at the Gallup Office Berlin: Spectacular Architecture and Inspiring Design for the Smart Office

OBJECT CARPET stands for pioneering office culture. This is also the case for the high-tech project designing office spaces for Gallup at the spectacular “cube berlin” building, which was created by architects from GRAEF GmbH. Natural design elements like warm materials, cozy spaces, and pleasant lighting, satisfy our basic needs as humans and combine with high-tech design elements to create a modern workplace. Delicately applied colors highlight the skillful combination of high-quality surfaces and sophisticated structures in perfect synergy.

If you’re passing through the heart of the capital city, between the government district and the main train station, you can’t miss the spectacular “cube berlin”. This kaleidoscopic office building, with its striking, folded glass facade, dominates Washingtonplatz. The futuristic exterior design aside, the high-tech interior is also noteworthy: This fully digitized building, as a “smart office”, learns from its occupants’ habits and adapts all control functions, such as temperature regulation or lighting intervals, to their needs.

What’s more, it is well protected against hacking attacks. This progressive building exists in a unique symbiosis with Berlin’s leading companies and is an example of the modern office: professional, efficient, perfectly networked, and simultaneously oriented towards people’s needs.

As a research-based consulting and analysis company, Gallup stays fully up-to-date regarding social developments and advises leading organizations and executive management around the world. Questions like: “Why do people do what they do? What drives our behavior and our decisions? How is the professional world changing?” are at the center of their research. It goes without saying that this company is also setting standards when it comes to the work culture in its own office.

Under the leadership of Thomas Koehler from the architect firm GRAEF GmbH, a modern, 660 m² office landscape was created, leaving nothing to be desired. A passion for details and an obligation to provide high-quality, healthy furnishings led directly to OBJECT CARPET.

Visually, the exquisite carpet creations from this flooring specialist fit effortlessly into the elegant, minimalist concept of the Gallup office and give the atmosphere a cozy flair using warm colors and natural design elements. The interior subtly picks up the building’s expressionist design vocabulary and creates a harmonious dynamic with geometric accents on wood inlays and metal struts. Natural light through the generous glass facade provides a soft lighting while also skillfully staging the carpets’ iridescent surface structures.

In addition, they have been proven to improve room acoustics through their impact sound insulation, thus enabling quiet and concentrated work.

The ARCTIC sheeting of the PLACES OF ORIGIN series in KOLORIT 702 MICRO CHIP unobtrusively plays with the overall geometric concept of the Cube in the meeting room. The ingenious loop-pile carpet is also extremely durable and dirt-resistant. It is also made from ECONYL® yarn, a 100% recycled polyamide from the yarn manufacturer Aquafil, thus meeting the highest sustainability standards.

In the staff lounge, the high-pile shag SMOOZY 1622 as RUGX provides an especially cozy ambiance thanks to its warm macchiato color and its soft feel: perfect for a nice chat with colleagues. Looking at the Berlin skyline, it’s easy to enjoy your coffee breaks in this relaxing atmosphere.

Since 1972, OBJECT CARPET has stood for quality, design and innovation in the commercial property sector. A sense of aesthetics and color, in combination with advanced production techniques, results in elegant and unusual designs in the form of rugs, carpet tiles and custom-cut carpets. With over 1,200 styles and colors as well as individually-customised products, the OBJECT CARPET collection offers a unique diversity for modern interior design, manufactured from high-quality raw materials. All OBJECT CARPET styles are also free from harmful emissions and are bitumen-free, latex-free, and PVC-free. They bear the German Federal Environmental Agency’s Blue Angel ecolabel. They have been tested by TÜV and are suitable for people with allergies. This is appreciated by partners and customers around the world, from the Berlinale to the “Healthy Seas” initiative.