Sensu Designer Dirk Wynants Drew Inspiration From a Hand Fan, an Object that Has Existed for Centuries

Sensu is a statement of both elegance and  simplicity, it opens and closes horizontally, and  brings ‘easy to use’ to the next level. Being a freestanding shade, Sensu does not take  up any space on your precious table. By tilting or rotating this umbrella, you optimally cast the shade. Combine one, two, or even four shades on one pole  for a maximum shadow surface.  

Imagine a warm summer day in the south of France, you have the whole day ahead of you to unwind with  friends. Under the canopy of the Sensu umbrella,  a broad shade appears, it is the perfect spot to cool  down and to throw some pétanque boules. Thanks  to the tilting and rotating feature, you can follow  the sun and play all day long… la vie est belle.  

“A shade should bring comfort and shade in a non-intrusive way”.

Dirk Wynants 

Innovation is at the heart of each new Extremis  design, that’s not different for Sensu. Whereas most  umbrellas have all the technical parts dangling above  your head, this shade is a flat without any visible ribs or ropes, this way it doesn’t grab the attention and  even has a calming effect. But – of course – there’s  more to it than looks alone.  

Unlike traditional center-pole umbrellas, Sensu  doesn’t take up any space on and under your table.  The flat design also offers great wind resistance (up  to 5 Beaufort) and opens horizontally – quick and  simple.  

Endless variations 
Make your own sunshine with this  freestanding shade. The modular central  pole can hold one, two, or even four shades  for an optimal shade surface. Each shade  can be tilted towards the sun while the single shade can also rotate 360 degrees. 

  • Sensu is angle adjustable to tilt the canopies towards the sun.
  • The shade opens horizontally and doesn’t take up any space on the table.  
  • Sensu single square has a rotation system to spin the parasol on the  wheelbase.  
  • An optional in-ground anchor eliminates tripping hazard.
  • Sensu has a good wind resistance that has been checked via wind tunnel  testing. The parasol can withstand wind speeds up to 6 on the Beaufort scale,  but we advise to close it sooner (from wind speed 5 is the rule of thumb). 
  • The design of Sensu is based on the Kosmos shade, a Dirk Wynants design  from 2008

Sensu comes in four possible designs:  

Colors and materials:  

  • The canopy is made of an acrylic fabric that is UV-resistant, colorfast and water repellent to guarantee a long lifespan. It is available in Black, Taupe or White.  
  • The pole is made of powder coated aluminium and is available in Black, Earth or Papyrus white.  
  • The base is made of powder coated stainless steel, available in the same colors as the pole. 

About Extremis 
Extremis was founded in 1994 by Dirk Wynants.  The Extremis furniture design collection  represents products that are both necessary and  useful. They are ‘Tools for Togetherness’ that  stress the importance of and enhance human  interactions, intelligent problem-solving and  sustainability, to improve people’s lives. Extremis  has its headquarters in Poperinge, Belgium.  The design furniture is very popular in all corners  of the world.