Swiss artist Anne-Marie Fischer’s debut collaboration with Fantini Mosaici to be shown at Downtown Design 2023

Swiss artist Anne-Marie Fischer’s debut collaboration with Fantini Mosaici – an exclusive collection of unique hand-made mosaic panels – will be unveiled during Downtown Design, which takes place from 8 to 11 November 2023. The mosaic art collection represents the artist’s passion for harmoniously combining colour, shapes and dimensions to create equilibrium through a calculated balance of movement, proportion and rhythm.

The collection is the first time that Fischer’s artwork has been interpreted by the master-mosaicists of Fantini Mosaici, the leading Italian hand-crafted luxury surfaces company, who have created hand-crafted mosaic panels to her designs. I created 12 panels with deep blue figures in enamel on a light background in marble, with minimal accents in gold. The panels were developed using the paper collage technique.”

She continues: “As I worked, these blue figures appeared, and I had to somehow capture them before they disappeared again. It’s only a few moments when the composition fits and if you go on, you destroy it again. It’s a matter of finding the right moment.” Fischer works in two studios. One is in an industrial building with large windows, in the vibrant centre of Zurich. The other studio is a remote wooden house in a Swiss forest, which allows her to withdraw and concentrate fully on her creations. Enrico Fantin, CEO and President of Fantini Mosaici, says, “The mosaic art collection demonstrates the versatility of mosaics and our continuous dedication to its evolution .We have exhibited at Downtown Design for the past decade, demonstrating our commitment to the region, and are delighted to be partnering with Anne-Marie

Fischer for this pioneering collection, where once again we are able to show yet another way that mosaic in different dimensions can be used to keep the tradition relevant and in line with modern trends. We are sure that the mosaic art collection will inspire artists, architects and designers to rethink how they can incorporate this handcrafted and sustainable material in their future projects.”